Why Cant Barca Buy Cristiano Ronaldo?

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We have already talked about the salary cap, Xavi’s preference for Robert Lewandowski, and Ronaldo’s desire to join Real Madrid. But we are still not clear on why Barcelona cannot buy Ronaldo. Let’s look at a few reasons why. Firstly, it would be difficult to manage a club with so many top stars. Second, Barcelona’s fans don’t like Ronaldo. And third, a move to Real Madrid would only be a temporary solution.

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Salary cap issues

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Juventus have introduced a new salary cap for their star player. The new policy will mean that Juventus can no longer afford to pay the EUR591,000-a-week salary that Ronaldo was demanding. It will also prevent the club from pursuing any new signings, such as French forward Paul Pogba, who is seeking EUR15m-a-season.

Manchester City have been rumoured to be interested in signing Ronaldo. He is earning EUR31m a year at Juventus and would cost them EUR28m to sign him. Pep Guardiola had reservations about the fit of Ronaldo with his team, though. The club is now mulling a move for the Portuguese winger. However, even if Juventus were to agree to a cut in pay, it’s unlikely to prevent the transfer.

The initial contract with Real Madrid paid Ronaldo PS183,000 a week, which increased 25% annually until the end of his contract in 2009. His contract with Juventus increased his salary to PS560,000 a week, and he is expected to earn PS80 million in salary and bonus this season. In comparison to the salary cap, the player’s salary will remain the same, as it will be under the limit set by the league.

According to FIFA, Juventus paid Cristiano 31 million euros per year in wages, with a further 86 million euros spent on him before taxes. Last season, Juventus made a loss of 113.7 million euros, and Cristiano’s contract expires in 2022. It’s estimated that the club could save up to 86 million euros if the star walked out. Cristiano’s wage is currently the highest in the world, but Real Madrid cannot afford it.

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Manchester United have also faced salary cap issues as the player enters the final year of his two-year contract with the club. While he is keen to stay at the club, if Manchester United cannot compete for trophies next season, he may be tempted to leave. In the meantime, he will need to make a decision on where he wants to play next season. If he stays in Manchester, it will be hard for him to find a new club that will give him the opportunity to play for trophies.

Ronaldo’s desire to sign for Real Madrid

After a record season with Manchester United, it’s no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo would want to sign for Real Madrid. The Portuguese star has already proven himself worthy of the No. 7 jersey – a position previously held by legendary no. 7s such as Bobby Moore, Paul Scholes and David Beckham. Now, though, he may be ready for a change of scenery. A move to Spain would allow him to play with the legendary El Galaticos again.

If Ronaldo were to leave Manchester United next season, it’s likely that he’ll be out of contract. There’s a good chance he’ll move elsewhere – Real Madrid are interested in signing him, but they’re unlikely to pay him more than PS10 million. The club’s desire to sign Cristiano is also believed to be linked with a rift with manager Erik Ten Hag, who has previously been less than complimentary towards the Portuguese star. If PSG’s Kylian Mbappe fails to sign for Real Madrid, Ronaldo could move there too.

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While it’s true that the club would get him despite the huge fee, the desire to join Real Madrid was very strong. The Portuguese star is reportedly enchanted by the team’s new stadium, and the new stadium’s new owner is more than willing to spend money on a new stadium and a bigger stadium than Manchester United. And the new stadium will also help the club’s financial situation.

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In addition to the recent transfer rumours, Manchester United are reportedly also in the market for Ronaldo. The Portuguese has been in a fine scoring form at Manchester United this season, with seven Premier League goals in just 36 appearances. Cristiano has a contract with Manchester United until 2023, but his future remains uncertain. In addition, he has an option to extend his Manchester United contract, so his desire to join Real Madrid is only a matter of time.

While United have been in a difficult season, Ronaldo has put in an impressive first season at Old Trafford. After joining from Juventus, Ronaldo has hit 23 goals in his first season at the club. That’s twice as many goals as the next highest scoring player at Manchester United. And it’s unlikely that he’ll reach double figures this season, which suggests that he has an enticing opportunity to join Real Madrid.

Despite his impressive scoring record, Real Madrid aren’t expected to make any big signings this summer. With a huge budget, Ronaldo is unlikely to be able to land a big transfer, even though he is a great player. And with a little luck, the Spanish club can snag another world-class star in the form of Mbappe. But this doesn’t mean that the Portuguese star isn’t doubting his future with Real Madrid.

Xavi’s preference for Robert Lewandowski

Xavi’s preference for Robert Lewerandowski over Cristiano Ronaldo is no surprise. Lewandowski has been in excellent form in front of goal for Bayern this season. He scored twice against Barcelona in September. Bayern won Group E, scoring 19 goals in five games. The Spaniard missed out on the Ballon d’Or last year but is still a top-scoring option for the club.

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is reportedly on the verge of a move to Barcelona this summer. After rejecting a deal with Chelsea, Lewandowski is on his way out. He has been with Bayern for eight years and has already broken a number of records. He recently broke Gerd Muller’s record of 40 goals in a single season. Since signing from Borussia Dortmund, Robert Lewandowski has made 344 appearances for Bayern.

The former Bayern Munich striker has a long list of potential suitors. Although he wants to sign Lewandowski, the Catalans must sell Ronaldo first to free up money for new players. Xavi is prepared to part with Frenkie de Jong to bring Lewandowski to Nou Camp. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that Lewandowski will join Manchester United. Besides, Ronaldo has not publicly mentioned his desire to leave Old Trafford.

Despite Xavi’s recent interest in Lewandowski, the player has a contract at Hearts and a €60 million cut-price fee is not the only option available to the club. Barcelona will have to get clever with their recruitment, as Lewandowski is turning 34 this summer. The player will also be on the verge of leaving the club, which is a major risk for the club.

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Bayern Munich are in the market for a striker, and Xavi has hinted that Barcelona are interested in signing the German international. However, Lewandowski has only one year to run on his current contract. Xavi has said before that Lewandowski is a possibility and has stated that he would like to sign the striker. But if he does, the transfer would be a shock to many Barca fans.

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Xavi’s decision to sign Lewandowski over Cristiano Ronaldo is also unlikely to impact the club’s transfer policy. He may have preferred Lewandowski over Ronaldo for reasons that were not obvious at the time. Nevertheless, it’s important that he has the funds to sign Lewandowski. After all, Ronaldo isn’t Barcelona’s first priority at this moment.

In addition, Lewandowski is not willing to sign a new contract, which makes his future uncertain. Although he is in negotiations with Barcelona, he has not yet signed a new contract, so he might leave the club earlier than expected. While his desire to join Barcelona is clear, Xavi will need to negotiate with the striker. It’s unclear how much time he will have to negotiate with Lewandowski before he gets a new contract.

What is the full form of CR7, Ronaldo’s initials? We will explore this question and other related questions to help you better understand the CR7 acronym. This acronym stands for “Cristiano Ronaldo,” Ronaldo’s initials. As a result, it has achieved iconic status, and many companies sell CR7 merchandise, including shoes and jerseys.


The full form of CR7 is “Cristiano Ronaldo”. In addition to his name, the player is also referred to as Cristiano. His greatest contribution to the game is his passion for it. He has devoted his career to making the game better, and he has made this dream come true for many fans. Here are some of the things that make this player so special to fans.

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Ronaldo’s initials

It is not surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo has earned a CR7 nickname, a combination of his initials and number. The Portuguese star originally wore the number 28 with Sporting Lisbon, but Alex Ferguson convinced him to wear the number seven instead. Since then, Ronaldo has become the face of several global brands, including Nike and Tag Heuer. The CR7 initials have become an iconic part of the game, and he has earned a PS14.1 million a year from his Nike sponsorship deals.

Despite his fame, Ronaldo is not exactly known for his tattoos. The Portuguese star was a passionate soccer player before he became a superstar. At age 14, he turned his hobby into a career. He played soccer for his hometown club, Androrinha, and later went on to play for Madeira’s Nacional. Afterwards, he moved to Portugal, and joined Sporting CP.

The Portuguese footballer is known for his love of Ricky Martin and is an avid fan. His son, Cristiano Jr., also loves the singer. The Portuguese star has even had his airport named after him. But he is also a humanitarian, raising funds for the tsunami-hit country of Aceh. When a fan asks him if he likes the name, he replies with a smile.

Despite the controversy surrounding the nickname, it is a fitting one. According to ESPN, a former player named Eusebio has a special place in his heart for Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2014, he won the Ballon d’Or, and he dedicated his achievement to him. He also took a moment to thank Eusebio following a Real Madrid win. A month later, he reached the 400-goal mark and dedicated it to the legendary Spanish footballer.

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CR7’s return to Man United is sure to excite fans. He has only a few years left to be a superstar, which means he won’t command the huge transfer fees and contract figures. Moreover, Man United is a very rich club, valued at $4.2 billion, making a return to Manchester even more desirable. It’s also unlikely that CR7’s age will prove to be a hindrance to his potential return.

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The iconic number 7 has been traditionally assigned to great wingers, which has become an important part of attacking play. As such, coaches must invest in quick wingers who can supply goal opportunities for strikers. Famous Manchester United wingers who wore this number include David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Eric Cantona. These players have all achieved great things in the game. However, the number CR7 was also a trademark for the player.

Similarly, Ashley Cole wore the jersey number 88 while playing for Chelsea. However, it’s also possible to see central defenders wearing this jersey number. In that case, you should choose a jersey number that matches your position. A central defender can wear a jersey with a central defender. The number 88 can also be used for strikers. Ronaldo, for instance, has worn it with great pride.


If football is the most beautiful game in the world, then the game itself must be beautiful. That is why it is important to play it in the right spirit. Respect for the game should be at the top of the players’ list. The World Cup, which is the most anticipated football event of the year, is a celebration of this beauty. Fans can cheer for their team and support the players by watching it live.

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Denim brand

If you’re a fan of The Beautiful Game, you’ll be delighted to know that the latest denim brand has made its mark in the sport. Its premium range, The Cooper Collection, was launched at a special event in east London last week, complete with a Michelin-starred chef and indigo-coloured bread. Known for its high-quality construction and unrivalled comfort, this brand offers a range of versatile and classic denim pieces.

True Religion was a pioneer of the denim revolution in the early 2000s. Using a unique two-stitches-per-inch process, the brand reimagined the five-pocket jean and introduced a horseshoe design on the back pocket. It continues to enjoy a devoted following today, decades after its original launch. A cult of denim has sprung up around this brand.

A Japanese designer was influenced by this brand’s success. The brand’s name is a nod to the city’s denim culture, and its philosophy focuses on the local young population. In fact, each of its cuts is named after a different street in Williamsburg, and the brand is proud to see its designs walking the streets of its neighborhood. The brand’s wash is unobtrusive, and the branding is unobtrusive, which combines style with function.

A popular choice among fashion editors, Citizens of Humanity’s premium denim is eco-friendly and features a traceable carbon footprint. The brand has also recently branched out into organic cotton. Its Annina trouser, for example, is made of 100% organic cotton and uses energy-saving technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. It also owns other brands, Goldsign and AGOLDE, and is one of the few global denim companies to make jeans using these environmentally friendly methods.

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