Why Cristiano Ronaldo Always Dives For Penalties?

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If you’ve ever wondered why Cristiano Ronaldo always dives for penalties, you’re not alone. Despite the fact that Luis Suarez is the worst diver in Premier League history, many others do the same, and there’s a good reason for it: Ronaldo’s power helps him thump home penalties. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why he dives for penalties.

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Cristiano Ronaldo dives for penalties

There’s a growing chorus on social media accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of diving for penalties. The Real Madrid superstar scored the winning penalty in extra-time against Genoa, and several appeals by the Juventus forward were turned down by referee Martin Atkinson. The Portuguese superstar was enraged at not being given a penalty and dived in the box before taking it. He even resorted to kicking the ground after the incident, adding to the effect.

While it’s difficult to judge if Cristiano Ronaldo deliberately dived for the penalty in the first place, it’s easy to see why he was wrongly denied. In the 77th minute, he was brought down by a West Ham player and his leg made contact with his knee. As a result, he was deemed to have dived. The officials were also unable to give Ronaldo the penalty, as he’d been already looking for it.

In January 2018, YouTuber ‘Solo Rider’ compiled the worst cheating videos. If Ronaldo watched such a montage of cheating videos, he wouldn’t approve. After all, he’s the greatest player in history and should not devolve into a petty cheat. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the video shows a generational clash. So, what should we make of this?

In the last season, Suarez dipped in the penalty area to score a crucial goal against PSG. The penalty helped Barcelona secure a comeback, but it irked the Dutch goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The former Stoke manager Tony Pulse referred to the incident as an embarrassment. If you’re interested in watching his incredible diving in action, here are some highlights:

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Juventus’ new custom fourth kit was created by Adidas and London-based skate brand Palace. During this time of change and transition, the team was replete with players dressed in the new style. Despite the attention, Ronaldo isn’t likely to make a difference to the match. Cristiano Ronaldo has a rich history of slipping, and his recent dive against Genoa proved his worth in the end.

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Suarez is the worst diver in Premier League history

Liverpool are the worst divers in Premier League history. Manager Brendan Rodgers has said that players should dive more to win penalties. But, after the Uruguay forward was denied a clear penalty against Stoke City on Saturday, the fans are calling fouls. And, according to Opta stats, Liverpool players have received six yellow cards for simulation since the start of last season, more than any other club. This is equivalent to 25 per cent of the total yellow cards received by Liverpool players.

The garra incident has left Liverpool and supporters disgruntled. Liverpool deserved to win the match and a place in the top four. But Suarez has been accused of cheating and diving for a second time. The incident has led to a ban on Suarez from the Premier League, which he has refused to do. The incident has caused Liverpool to miss out on two consecutive games and has a poor goal difference. However, the garra incident has not deterred Liverpool’s ambitions.

Although there is no definitive list of the worst Premier League divers, some players are more prone to diving than others. Luis Suarez, for instance, has dived numerous times in the Premier League, including one in a derby, but the referee ignored the incident. Even managers dive. However, they’re not a good example of teamwork and discipline. And in some cases, players’ managers dive as well.

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Luis Suarez is one of the greatest strikers in history. However, his diving has also made him a target for opponents. He was banned for eight games in 2011 and fined PS40,000. He also refused to shake hands with Everton manager David Moyes, appointing a new manager instead. While the Premier League is full of players like these, the ‘divers’ will never be forgiven.

When it comes to diving, there are few players who have ever been as talented as Suarez. Despite the fact that he was one of the best players in Premier League history, he did not shy away from cheating. His penalty kick against Everton made him the worst diver in the league. The Everton bench was complaining about his diving during the game. It was a perfect example of how the Premier League punishes its players.

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Ronaldo’s power helps him to thump home penalties

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s ripping muscles show off when he leaps up in the air. In the 2008 World Cup, the Portuguese midfielder jumped 1ft 5in from a standing start. In the same match, he jumped two feet, six inches, and more with a two-step run-up. This feat enables him to score a penalty in the dying moments of the match.

Real Madrid fans have long debated the significance of Ronaldo’s penalty volley against Manchester United. The goal looked as if it had risen in the air, but when replays showed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s leg made no contact with the ball, the Frenchman was justified in his opinion. The Portuguese superstar has scored 100 Champions League goals in his career. The incident was further highlighted by the fact that the goalkeeper Rio Ferdinand claimed that Ronaldo had deliberately attempted the feat.

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The Portuguese legend’s power helps him to dive for penalties. Most players, as they grow older, learn to conserve energy and adjust their positioning. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is the ultimate footballing machine. His physical perfection has earned him the nickname ‘the ultimate football machine’. But while his diving skills may have helped him to score goals, it has also cost him several chances in the past.

The Portuguese legend has been disillusioned by the recent controversy regarding his diving. Although the controversy has been over the matter, there is no doubt that he is an incredible talent in the field. He is the first player to score 100 Champions League goals for one club. His contribution to the French team has helped Zinedine Zidane to survive as a manager. And the man who helped the club to win the Champions League is an absolute legend.

Juventus’ 2-0 victory over West Ham saw Ronaldo score a penalty against the Hammers. He did so by running onto a cross in the right side and diving to head the ball. But, after he was denied, his teammates celebrated with a party. And the press were shocked. And the controversy over Ronaldo’s diving was widely condemned. But this game was different. The Portuguese star scored the first goal and equalised the scoring in the second half, before a late strike from Wayne Rooney. The penalty proved to be a turning point in the game.

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Ronaldo’s diving is a good way to avoid penalties

Many players have argued that Cristiano Ronaldo’s diving is sly and effective at avoiding penalties. However, this view is questionable given the fact that players can stamp on the chest of a player without consequence. However, a player who deliberately kicks at Ronaldo could face a red card. So why is diving such a good way to avoid penalties?

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A number of people have accused Cristiano Ronaldo of diving during the recent game against Genoa. The Argentinean was challenged by Antonio Sanabria on the penalty spot but managed to avoid getting his foot in. However, the striker appeared to dive and was left with a dangling leg after a challenge. As a result, the referee spotted the spot for the penalty, and VAR refused to overturn the decision. The Portuguese then stepped up and smashed the penalty into the bottom corner. Nevertheless, Cristiano Ronaldo was criticised for his diving on social media.

Although Ronaldo has a reputation for diving, the Argentine had a similar incident in Spain. In the end, he converted the penalty and gave Real Madrid the lead. In the meantime, Pique argued that the Argentine player slipped during the tussle with Pique. It was unclear which scenario occurred as Pique did not give the penalty.

While the action was not deemed to be sexy, it is an example of the Argentine’s character. If it is viewed as a one-off incident, Ronaldo could appeal. But if the action is deemed to be a case of touching genitals, Ronaldo is lucky to have escaped punishment. He also avoided punishment for challenging the referee, Antonio Mateu Lahoz.

Footballers have started using diving to win penalties. The Ivory Coast game in June 2014 was the perfect example of this. Chile’s Jorge Valdivia ducked and was given a yellow card. Ivory Coast’s Fadel Keita also dived to draw a foul on Kaka, resulting in a red card for the Ivory Coast player.

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