Why Did Real Madrid Sell Ronaldo When They Were on Top?

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The question of why Real Madrid sold Cristiano Ronaldo at the height of their dominance in the Spanish game is a complicated one. We will look at the relationship between Perez and the superstar, as well as the club’s financial state and moral high ground. Ronaldo’s form was pivotal for Real Madrid in the transition season. Madrid could count on his goal scoring abilities to buy the team some breathing space. But it was not an easy decision.

Real Madrid sold Cristiano Ronaldo when they were on top

The first bid of PS80m was accepted by Real Madrid. The club and Manchester United had agreed to let Ronaldo leave this year. United said the offer was «unconditional» and expected to resolve the matter by June 30. Ronaldo will join forces with Brazilian playmaker Kaka at the Spanish giants. The ego-twisting winger was a controversial transfer during his time at United, but he has since proved to be one of the most effective players in Europe.

Despite Ronaldo’s failures this season, the club was still the leader of La Liga, which was crucial in the transition period between two seasons. While the club replenished its squad elsewhere, the ability of Ronaldo to score crucial goals provided Madrid with some wiggle room. While Real Madrid are now in a transitional season, the sale of Ronaldo will be remembered in history as one of the worst in the history of the sport.

Real Madrid sold Cristiano Ronaldo while they were on top because he wanted to leave for personal reasons. According to Perez, the player was unhappy at Real Madrid and did not want to stay. Real Madrid refused to offer him a new contract, but Ronaldo’s desire to leave the club forced the club to sell him. After a year and a half at Juventus, Ronaldo is arguably the best player after Alfredo Di Stefano.

Perez’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Real Madrid forward has spoken out about his frustration at his relationship with manager Florentino Perez. It’s been a while since Ronaldo’s relationship with his manager has been strained, but that didn’t mean that Perez and Ronaldo are on bad terms. They remained close, with the former Real Madrid star claiming that he was «unhappy» with the club during the Mourinho era. The statement may have been about a contract, but it’s difficult to say for sure, as Ronaldo’s relationship with Perez was probably much more complicated than it seemed at the time.

When the Portuguese was at Real Madrid, the relationship was fraught with problems. Ronaldo felt lonely, and questioned where Perez was. He also claimed that he had left the club after the Confederations Cup, a decision he regretted later on. Perez’s decision to sell Di Maria and Ozil led to a rift between the two. Perez’s relationship with Ronaldo is tense, and it will continue to be.

The first issue that came to light was Ronaldo’s unhappy relationship with Perez. While he promised to give the Portuguese striker a new contract after the Cardiff final, he did not. Ronaldo was pissed off. Perez decided to negotiate with him while the player was in the middle of the season. However, Perez did not want to offer Ronaldo the contract he promised and told Mendes to wait until the end of the season before announcing the final decision.

Perez’s moral high ground

Florentino Perez has taken the moral high ground in selling Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, and defended his decision with a rare media appearance on December 17, 2003. Perez is bespectacled and always wears a blue tie. He has twice saved Real Madrid from crisis, most notably in 2002, when he took charge of the club’s Champions League team. He built a team that was strong enough to defeat Barcelona and eventually delivered the club’s 10th Champions League trophy.

But Perez’s decision was a mixed one. While he did manage to clear all debts with Ronaldo’s sale, he also spent a fortune on the club’s training ground. He spent $106 million to upgrade the Bernabeu and bought land close to the airport to build a new stadium. The seats had overhead heaters, so Madrid socios felt like they were at home. In the end, Perez’s moral high ground in selling Ronaldo came into question.

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But Perez also owed it to the club to find an adequate replacement for Ronaldo. Florentino Perez has always believed in Vinicius. He made a significant investment in Vinicius when he was at Flamengo and stuck with him. And it’s no coincidence that the Brazilian has been better this season than Ronaldo, who plays in an inferior midfield.

Perez’s financial health

Florentino Perez pledged 147 million euros as loans to new signings in order to raise the team’s value. The transfer fees, however, were far less than the money he had pledged. In addition to signings, Perez sold the Ciudad Deportiva to local corporations and financed renovations of the Bernabeu. Real Madrid is now regarded as a model of financial health, and its owners are among the most profitable in Europe.

Perez’s relationship with Ruud van Nistelrooy

Florentino Perez has a long history with Manchester United and has also been the club’s president since 2008. Former Manchester United defender Ruud van Nistelroony opened up about his relationship with the former United forward. The pair were team mates at Old Trafford from 2003 to 2006, and won the League Cup and FA Cup together. They subsequently reunited at Real Madrid, where Perez has been in charge of the club since 2009.

Unlike in the past, the Dutch defender is also keen to work under the guidance of Perez, and he has expressed an interest in returning to the club. He has also made it clear that he is happy at Manchester United. A recent report in the Daily Mail suggested that the United chief executive did not write to the presidents of Real Madrid and Barcelona following the publication of the Daily Mail report. However, it seems that Perez has spoken to Joan Laporta, the club’s director of communications.

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Van Nistelrooy has been linked with a move to Real Madrid this summer. He has been linked with the club despite being out of contract. Perez’s interest in Ruud van Nistelrooy’s future has made him a target for other teams. The Dutchman has a rocky relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and has spoken out against his former manager. Despite his recent comments on Cristiano Ronaldo, the Dutchman is still a vital part of United’s team.

Ronaldo’s evolution

One of the biggest questions surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo is whether he will continue to improve with age. Many young footballers are praised for their ability to play quickly and with power in open spaces, but there have been cases where players just couldn’t change as they got older. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and Chelsea’s Fernando Torres are prime examples of this phenomenon. Ronaldo is still young enough to reach his physical peak, but his game has slowed down.

The first phase of his Real Madrid career was marked by a period when he was more direct and essential in his game. His attempted dribbles decreased from nineteen in 2009-10 to three in 2012-13, but he was also scoring more goals. As a result, it is not surprising that he led the team in scoring and dribbling. However, the following two seasons were marked by an increase in the number of goals he scored.

The next phase of Ronaldo’s career saw the Portuguese striker play like a centre-forward when Real Madrid had the ball. His accuracy improved as he scored more goals in the league, and his shooting ability increased. As the season progressed, he was able to score more goals, and he was on top of the scoring charts with Messi. This led to an improved Real Madrid team in the UCL.

Perez’s relationship with Florentino Perez

During a recent interview with David Broncano of PSG, French footballer Achraf is asked about his relationship with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Achraf replies that they have a good relationship and that he told Perez to «cheer up.»

Perez studied civil engineering in Madrid. He flirted with politics but later focused on business. He initially worked for the Madrid city council, overseeing the public roads. Perez then was offered a job with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The move was successful and Real Madrid won their 10th Champions League. In addition, Perez’s relationship with the media is a boon for the club’s brand name.

Perez is connected to the Spanish right-wing, a party with ties to the Real Madrid president. The PP’s ideology can be summed up in three words: «religious, Christian and elite.»

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Many Juventus fans still argue that Juventus need Ronaldo. After all, he has been a scoring machine and has helped the club win the UEFA Champions League. But is he really necessary for Juventus? After all, he costs the club around EUR85m per season, PS73m (around $94m) per year and the annual amortisation. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that he has helped the club double shirt sponsorship, supplier deals and ticket sales, increasing their revenue by EUR70m. Surely, the Ronaldo effect is real?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal-scoring machine

The former Manchester United forward is a goal-scoring machine for the Old Lady, and his record with the club reflects his versatility. Ronaldo started out as a «bollocker,» taking more than half of his shots from distance. Nevertheless, he gradually lost his effectiveness from that range as time went on. His goal-scoring record with free kicks is less impressive, with 44 of them being blocked. The good news is that the Old Lady is still in the hunt for a Serie A title.

Last season, Juventus won the Serie A and the Champions League. They were a different style of play from Real Madrid, and the team scored 76 goals. They missed the chance to win another Champions League title in Italy, but Ronaldo’s numbers were down. Juve, in turn, drafted Maurizio Sarri, who is an attacking midfielder. And, with Ronaldo at the helm, Juventus will have a top-flight star at their disposal.

The Portuguese star has built his career on his efficiency in front of goal. Over the course of his career, Ronaldo has sent goal-scoring records flying. He is the top scorer in both Portugal and Real Madrid history. His hat-trick against Tottenham has set a new standard for personal excellence. The ruthless efficiency that characterises his style of play has helped him win the Serie A title.

Juventus will be under a lot of scrutiny this season. Their lack of domestic and European glory since 2008 has been the main reason for their recent slump. However, in this season, Juventus have a strong team and a good manager. With Ronaldo in the team, Juventus can win the Champions League. If this trend continues, Ronaldo will be the man to lead them to glory. And, once Juventus achieve an upturn in their fortunes, they might reinvent themselves.

He has helped Juventus win the UEFA Champions League

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus cost EUR100 million, which was hailed as the deal of the century. Juventus had already won seven straight Serie A titles before Ronaldo arrived. Some believed he was the missing piece of the Champions League puzzle. However, after a year in Turin, the Portuguese superstar decided to leave the club, leaving Juventus further behind than when he arrived.

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This season, Ronaldo has been a goal scoring machine. Last season, he was the top scorer in Serie A, with 101 goals in 134 games. This is the fastest ever player to reach 100 for a single club. In addition to his hat-trick against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, Cristiano has also helped Juventus win the Italian Super Cup. However, the striker’s presence in big games has dwindled drastically. In Serie A, he has scored only one goal against the top four.

Juventus have won the UEFA Champions League three times, but it’s unlikely that they will repeat this feat this year. A loss by Juventus against AC Milan and a draw against Napoli would mean a shock exit for both teams. With these two teams out of the Champions League, Juventus is favored to lift the trophy for the fourth time in a row. However, if they lose this match, their season is over. The Portuguese star will be crucial in this campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo is convinced that Juventus can win the Champions League soon. The Italian team has lost seven finals and the last trophy was in Rome in 2017. However, Ronaldo’s arrival has given Juventus hope of winning the competition again. He was the first player in history to win the trophy for a second time in three years. There are a few challenges ahead for Ronaldo and the team.

He has disrupted the tactical balance of the team

Many people would agree that Ronaldo has disrupted the tactical balance at Juventus. In the past, the club has been aggressive and lacked a strategic mindset. Agnelli became obsessed with winning immediately. As Juventus topped Europe and Italy, he began signing players for the sake of winning immediately. This impatience reached a pinnacle when Ronaldo arrived in Turin. Although Juventus’ current financial position shows signs of stability, there are many players on hefty contracts who have no chance of surviving under Agnelli’s regime.

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One of the major problems with the squad is that the manager must decide how to deploy Cristiano Ronaldo. In a 4-3-3 formation, a lone striker has the freedom to run the wing without being hounded by defenders. During the 2014/15 season, Allegri used this formation, which gave Paul Pogba the freedom he needed to be creative. The four-man midfield combined athleticism and technique in an attack that was second to none. Only a legendary Barcelona team could stop Juventus from winning the UEFA Cup in this formation. Nevertheless, Allegri was not afraid to switch to a back three formation to cope with specific opponents.

While it was clear that Real Madrid had the better team, there were many areas where Juventus have shortcomings. The wide areas are lacking. Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata lack attacking instincts. Neither player is a natural wide forward. Both Luka Modric and Toni Kroos tended to sit deeper and protect the back four. Furthermore, Juventus’ defences did not make any great attacking moves in the first half. Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to link up with the front two and Juventus were forced to defend in a man-oriented fashion.

He is a means to an end for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has proven to be a means to an end for Juventus. His arrival in Turin has resulted in an increase in the club’s revenue, but his presence also means that Juventus’s financial health is at risk. In the Champions League, Juventus have a capacity of 40,000 spectators. However, Juventus’s TV rights deal means that they are unable to increase the price. Furthermore, the Premier League and La Liga are much larger international draw than Juventus. As a result, the profits for Juventus are shared in such a way as to prevent them from gaining as much as their English rivals.

The fact that Juventus need a player of Ronaldo is evident from the way they manage their finances. Although they spend EUR85m a year on the Portuguese, the club cannot expect this figure to be increased further without the help of new investment. The money will be used for a more aggressive transfer market strategy. Juventus will then be able to attract more big champions to the club. However, they will still have to offset the cost by selling other players. Last window, Juventus had difficulties selling their top players, while the club spent EUR500m on wages. Therefore, Ronaldo could be sold as soon as the Champions League is over.

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Juventus cost the club EUR 116 million, including the transfer fee, wages, and taxes. Juventus are growing in size since Agnelli took over the club in 2010 and are trying to extend their appeal outside of Serie A. Marco Bellinazzo, author of La fine del calcio italiano, argues that Juventus are trying to compete with clubs with massive global appeal. In other words, they want to position themselves alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, and against them.

He should stay

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at Juventus runs out in June 2022 and the Portuguese superstar is reportedly earning PS550,000 per week. With his current contract, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll return to Real Madrid, PSG or Inter Miami. It’s not entirely clear whether Juventus will try to sell the player in the summer, but there are some reasons why he should stay in Turin. Read on to learn more about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Juventus.

Real Madrid were reportedly interested in signing the Portuguese star. But Juventus’ decision to let Ronaldo leave was an expensive one. They were forced to pay a EUR28m transfer fee and could have recovered the money quickly. Juventus’ desire to get back to the top of the table meant that they had little time to find a replacement. If Ronaldo was to leave, the Italians would have had to spend EUR28m on a replacement.

But rumors that Ronaldo was leaving the club did not go away. The manager Max Allegri had advised Agnelli to sell Ronaldo if he was planning to leave. When Juventus signed Maurizio Sarri as a systems coach, they asked Ronaldo to play as a false nine in a 4-3-3 system. As a result, Andrea Pirlo struggled to use Ronaldo effectively.

It is important to keep in mind that a single player cannot win the top trophies alone. Real Madrid’s three players — Ramos, Modric, and Bale — were given more credit for the team’s success than Ronaldo. It is also important to keep in mind that Juventus paid big money for the players they bought. They deserve to be rewarded for their success, so why would they leave them now?

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