Why Hasn’t Jose Mourinho Been Sacked by Chelsea Yet?

Why Hasn’t Jose Mourinho Been Sacked by Chelsea Yet? photo 0

There have been many speculations as to why Mourinho has not been sacked by Chelsea yet, from rumours linking him with a short-term role to a full-time position. Other names linked with the position include Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelotti and Fabio Capello. Jose Mourinho said he only wants to win a match and be alive, citing his desire to win a game and “feel alive”. And so, Chelsea will continue to have their Clare Balding show and announce that Mourinho has been sacked.

Jose Mourinho’s second spell at Chelsea

Despite a dismal start to the season, Jose Mourinho has survived another public vote of confidence from the club’s fans. The club’s website states that Jose Mourinho has the full backing of the fans despite recent poor results. Despite the results, Chelsea are currently 16th in the table and one point above the relegation zone. On Monday, Mourinho was papped by Leicester’s Danny Dyer and sent to the stands. The manager has refused to speak to the press after the game. Chelsea are also reported to have a toxic dressing room environment.

The club announced the decision on Thursday. Jose Mourinho has twice been sacked by Chelsea. His first spell at the club ended in disaster in December, and he has since won the Premier League twice and won the League Cup twice. During his second spell at Chelsea, he has made 28 signings and has won the Community Shield and FA Cup. However, the club have a difficult season ahead.

Pep Guardiola

If you’ve watched the recent Chelsea vs Everton match, you will know that the Premier League side are not keen on a return to title contention. The team has fallen out of the title race for a number of years. It also has a reputation for being difficult to manage and demanding of its players. As a result, the club have publicly hung out players after defeats. In fact, Chelsea have had several managers sackings in recent years and the fact that they all ended with dignity and respect for the clubs manager has not gone down well.

Mourinho is in the middle of a massive power struggle, but Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has stuck by the Portuguese manager. He is considered the best manager in Chelsea’s history. His dismissal may come back to haunt the club in the future, as he led them to the Premier League title in 2014.

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian is not convinced that Jose Mourinho will be sacked by the club despite his recent poor form and is still tipped to take over the reins in the summer. The Italian coached Chelsea for three seasons and won the Premier League and FA Cup during that time. However, he has since been dismissed by the club’s owner Roman Abramovich.

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Although Mourinho had a poor season, he was not sacked by the club after one poor match against Southampton. The club responded to his poor form by giving him a vote of confidence. This is normally the kiss of death for embattled managers. Despite the negative public opinion of Mourinho, Chelsea were prepared to give him another chance.

Whether or not Jose Mourinho is sacked by Chelsea depends on the results of the club’s last few matches. It is possible that the club will stick with the manager he has been working with, but the club has always backed its managers. After all, it is the best way to ensure a team’s success. Nevertheless, if Mourinho is sacked, it would be a good time for the club to hire Carlo Ancelotti as his replacement.


The current situation at Chelsea is one of extremes. Mourinho is the most likely to be appointed as the new manager, but he is not yet confirmed. The Spaniard is expected to be in London on Tuesday. But Chelsea assistant manager Gwyn Williams doesn’t yet know whether Mourinho will be appointed as their new manager. The Italian was under immense pressure at the end of the season when the attention turned towards the manager. However, the focus on Mourinho swept aside the Chelsea preparations for the Champions League semi-final against Monaco. Although Chelsea were unable to progress to the final, their record league finish was the best for 49 years. Chelsea won’t have to qualify for the Champions League next season, meaning that they won’t be facing the same kind of pressure.

Despite the fact that Chelsea have a strong desire to keep Mourinho, the Italian is unlikely to be sacked by the Blues until the end of the season. The tense atmosphere at Stamford Bridge could spell trouble for the new manager. And while Mourinho has been in charge of the club for only four months, a new manager will be appointed.

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Rafa Benitez

In a way, the manager at Chelsea has not deserved a sacking. In the first place, he was the wrong choice for the job. The Chelsea fans hated him, but the board wanted him to stay. The board could have sacked Roberto Di Matteo, but Roman Abramovich did it without remorse. The Italian was a novice and inexperienced, and yet, he was able to win the Champions League.

Secondly, Chelsea fans dislike Rafa Benitez’s style of football. They refer to him as the Semi-Scouse Fat Spanish Waiter. While some fans have forgiven him, the majority of Chelsea supporters want him out. This is because Benitez has not performed as well as Mourinho had hoped. Rafa Benitez’s attitude isn’t helping Chelsea’s cause.

Lastly, Eden Hazard was injured against Leicester on Saturday and left the pitch early. Jose Mourinho branded Hazard’s injury a “chronic” one. The Belgian national team’s doctor has described Hazard’s injury problems as chronic. Hazard has not played a full 90 minutes since November 23, and has missed more games than he has played this season.

Maurizio Sarri

Jose Mourinho is out of a job and has been replaced by Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea. The Italian has a reputation for bringing players in cheaply and having a profound effect on the players. The Portuguese coach could also return for a third stint at Stamford Bridge. However, Chelsea are now actively searching for a manager with top-flight experience.

Spurs, meanwhile, want to sack Jose Mourinho. This will be an interesting move. It may not be an easy one, as Sarri left Juventus this summer. Spurs and AS Roma are in the race to sign the former Juventus manager. It’s likely that Sarri would prefer a return to Napoli, who are expected to sack Gennaro Gattuso soon.

While Sarri’s appointment will be a shock for Chelsea fans, it will be a relief to the club. Chelsea won the Carabao Cup and face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final in May. Jose Mourinho has few big jobs available, but it is highly likely that he would be keen to take on a new challenge, especially at the top. It’s unlikely that Mourinho will take over the job permanently, but the odds are against him.

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Antonio Conte

The emergence of Italian manager Antonio Conte has been a source of controversy in the Chelsea camp. Although Conte has been in the team since last season, he has been vocal on transfers and his relationship with Diego Costa has broken down. Diego Costa left the club and joined Atletico Madrid. However, Conte has remained unconvinced of his future at Chelsea, and Stewart Robson has argued that Conte has been deliberately trying to avoid sacking Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho was sacked in July 2018 after winning the FA Cup and two trophies in three years. Despite the acrimony, the sacking was a surprise to many. After all, the Chelsea players had backed the former Manchester United manager, despite the insanity. Mourinho was also one point above the relegation zone at the time of his dismissal.

Mourinho’s methods for getting a response out of players

In October, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho launched a scathing tirade against his players after the team’s 1-0 loss to Leicester City. He claimed that “rats” in the Blues camp were passing on confidential information to rival clubs. During the post-season tour to Thailand, Mourinho became obsessed with the Porto contact who had leaked information about the drop of Cesc Fabregas. He also became extremely guarded in his formation and formations in games.

The Chelsea board were apparently concerned with the performance of their players when Mourinho sold several players. While many of the players were sold, some have been redeemed by their performance this season. The likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku have become stars in the Premier League. Other players have enjoyed success in Serie A such as Mohamed Salah and Juan Cuadrado. Ruben Loftus-Cheek, however, was not given a proper chance and was reported to be considering leaving the club when his contract was up.

In the case of Jose Mourinho, the methods he used to get a response from his players haven’t been enough to keep his job at Chelsea. The tactics he employed during his time at the club haven’t worked out, and he hasn’t been sacked by Chelsea for that reason, but his methods for getting a response out of his players haven’t been sacked by Chelsea yet.

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