Why is Cristiano Ronaldo Still Dangerous at 33?

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The Portuguese international is proving himself as one of the best players in the world at his age, scoring 42 goals in 46 games this season. Of these, 25 of them have come in La Liga. This is the lowest number of goals he’s scored in a season, but he’s endeared himself to fans in recent months. In this article, we’ll explore why Ronaldo is still dangerous at 33, and if he’s destined to reach his peak.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s season average is higher than Messi’s

Cristiano Ronaldo has more goals overall and a higher season average than Lionel Messi, but their goals per game ratios are nearly equal. While Ronaldo is the current record holder with 63, Messi’s season average has fallen since he joined PSG. Messi has been involved in more goals – 73 versus Ronaldo’s 61 – but he’s scored fewer.

Despite their differences, Messi has more European league titles. Ronaldo’s seven European titles are his largest prize haul. Both have won UEFA Cups. While Messi has three Champions Leagues, Ronaldo holds seven. The Portuguese star has won the European Championship and UEFA Nations League, while Messi has just two. It’s not a fair comparison, but the statistics are compelling.

While Ronaldo has more overall goals, Messi has more assists. His 66 assists have pushed him closer to Ronaldo’s 68. Messi is better at creating goals, which is a critical factor in determining the GOAT. Ronaldo has excelled with Real Madrid and Manchester United. However, Messi’s season average is higher than Ronaldo’s.

Similarly, Messi is superior in the box. Ronaldo’s passing ability is often underrated, but his accuracy and precision are among the highest in the history of football. In the 15/16 season, he played deeper and wider, enhancing his precision and reducing his opponent’s chances. Last season, he created 78 chances for teammates, while Ronaldo made fewer than half.

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In the league, Messi has won more games and is statistically superior to Ronaldo in every season. Ronaldo only came close to Messi’s season average in 2013/14. These numbers show that Messi has a statistical advantage over his rival, but don’t forget that data isn’t everything! While a player’s goal average is important in assessing his performance, he should also be ranked higher in other categories.

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The two players are equal in terms of goals, assists, and shots on goal, but Messi’s vision and creativity give him the edge over Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the only player to have been named in both the FIFA FIFPro World XI and UEFA Team of the Year in the same year. Although the season averages are not comparable, they are still impressive. Messi’s assists – 29 vs. Ronaldo’s 80 – Messi Is the Better Player

He’s driven by individual achievements as much as collective achievements

It’s easy to understand why he’s been criticized for his play over the years, but there’s also another reason for his success. As a player who is motivated by individual success as much as collective success, Ronaldo is still a dangerous threat even at age 33. The Argentinean has scored over 40 goals in his career and has won the Ballon d’Or four times, the most recent being in 2015. Cristiano Ronaldo also has the distinction of being the oldest player to score a hat trick at a World Cup match, and he was also involved in the 3-3 draw with Spain in the knockout round.

In 2004, Ronaldo flew to Indonesia to help with tsunami relief efforts after seeing footage of a young tsunami victim wearing his Portugal jersey. The following year, he donated the damages from a libel suit to a Madeira charity and in 2009, he donated $165,000 to a Portuguese cancer center. The Portuguese club has also rewarded Ronaldo by giving him a new contract.

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Despite his advancing age, Ronaldo’s individual achievements are the main reason for his continued success. The Portuguese club’s recent successes and recent controversies have fueled Ronaldo’s desire to improve his individual performance and contribute to his country’s success. Despite the controversy, the Portuguese national team has won the World Cup for the second time in four years.

Messi has a better goal-per-game ratio, but Ronaldo’s contribution to the Champions League is greater than that of Messi. While Messi has a greater overall goal-scoring record, Ronaldo has a better assist ratio. The Portuguese star has played in more Champions League finals and the World Cup, and his goal-scoring record is better than that of his rival.

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At age 33, Ronaldo still remains a danger. He has surpassed Michel Platini’s Euros goalscoring record and equalled the Frenchman. With two goals against the Republic of Ireland, Ronaldo equalled the record. However, Messi is well behind Ronaldo in the international goalscoring chart. In Argentina, he is the all-time top goalscorer, surpassing Gabriel Batistuta just a few years ago.

He’s a world-class poacher

At his peak, Cristiano Ronaldo was a complete package. He terrorised full-backs on the flank and produced occasional moments of magic, but in recent years he has developed into a world-class poacher for Real Madrid. The Portuguese international has adapted his game in the past few seasons, shifting focus to winning and scoring goals. Even at age 33, he is still a dangerous player, as he showed against Spain in the UEFA Champions League.

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While his game has evolved into a more technical level, his knack for spectacular goals remains as strong as ever. His recent goal against Manchester United in the Champions League typified the evolution of a world-class poacher. The striker lashed on to a Leonardo Bonucci aerial, then hit a first-time volley past David de Gea. The goal is an example of sublime pass perfection and a technically flawless finish.

If we look at Ronaldo’s career from a scientific perspective, his playing style has changed a lot over the years, and he still continues to develop as he gets older. The average footballer matures and evolves in style, but few goalkeepers and world-class superstars continue playing into their 30s. So it’s important to understand the reasons behind Ronaldo’s incredible longevity.

While Ronaldo prefers to play off the left flank, Dybala has responded well to Juventus’ instructions to remain higher up the pitch. That’s an important aspect of his development as a striker. He has a strong presence in the penalty area and can use his height to add headed goals. His strength allows him to beat defenders in the penalty area. It’s clear that Ronaldo is a world-class poacher, even at age 33.

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While his current contract ends in 2023, Guardiola has stated that he plans to finish at Manchester City. So, signing Ronaldo could be the Catalan’s strategy for keeping the team at the top for the final two years of his tenure. It would be a strange match-up for Manchester City, as Ronaldo’s history with Manchester United makes this an awkward situation.

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He’s a ladies’ man

Multimillionaire soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted with model Gloria Mayorga at the Rain nightclub at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. In paparazzi photos, Mayorga is seen talking to the multi-millionaire. She’s wearing a light gray dress and gold jewelry, while Ronaldo seems to be playing it cool. Rumors swirl about the mystery brunette at his side. But while the paparazzi shots reveal that the two were out to celebrate a night of dancing and sipping cocktails, the party continued in the penthouse of Hotel Palms Place.

While the rumors of Cristiano’s affairs have been circulating for some time, they were largely untrue. The soccer star dated several women, including Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. He also dated Irina Shayk and Kim Kardashian before marrying Georgina Rodriguez. However, the rumors of the couple secretly getting married were wildly inaccurate. A rep for Ronaldo quickly denied the allegations and said the relationship had come to an end.

Although he’s now arguably the best soccer player in the world, the Portuguese star is still dangerous to women – and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a ladies’ man, too! Kathryn Mayorga met Ronaldo at a nightclub in Las Vegas in 2009, but refused to give details of the alleged assault. Although the two were able to reach an out-of-court settlement in 2010, Mayorga later decided to reopen the case. She said the #MeToo movement inspired her to reopen the case. She claims that she didn’t make up the incident, and the footballer insisted that the meeting was consensual.

According to a recent People’s Daily report, the Portuguese soccer star has tattoos on his body, and has also been raising funds for the tsunami-hit Aceh in Indonesia. His donation was reported in Now and People’s Daily, and he also recently participated in a charity match to raise funds for tsunami victims. But his charitable activities don’t stop there.

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