Why Ronaldo Has Stopped Dribling and Messi Hasn’t

Why Ronaldo Has Stopped Dribling and Messi Hasn’t photo 0

One of the questions I’ve asked myself on a daily basis is why Ronaldo has stopped dribbling while Messi hasn’t? He’s always had good speed and some skill on the dribble, but he realized that it was cumbersome. Messi, on the other hand, is an amazing ball control player who needs to dribble to be efficient.

Ronaldo dribbles better than Messi

Although Ronaldo dribbles more than his rival, the two players are equal in other areas. Ronaldo averages more than four dribbles per 90 minutes, while Messi makes only 81. The difference in passing numbers is even more impressive, but Ronaldo would have racked up higher numbers had he not made a few mistakes in his early years at Real Madrid.

When it comes to passing, Ronaldo is better in this area than Messi. Messi’s passing skills are legendary, while Ronaldo’s are solid but not awe-inspiring. Messi’s dribbles are largely controlled, but Ronaldo dribbles the ball well enough to make the final third. Insigne and Messi dribble better than Ronaldo, but their finishing abilities aren’t as good as Messi’s.

While Messi is better at dribbling the ball, Ronaldo has a higher goal-per-game ratio. Despite his higher goals, Ronaldo holds the record for the most Champions League appearances, overtaking Iker Casillas. Both players have been criticised for under-performing at World Cups, and the debate will continue for some time. If you’re thinking that Messi dribbles better, think again.

Although Messi is faster than Ronaldo, the Argentine is considered the better dribbler. However, despite the faster speed, the Portuguese has more pace and agility than the Argentine. In addition, Ronaldo can beat defenders at a much higher rate, especially when facing penalties. Furthermore, Messi is weaker in penalties. However, he is an excellent passer of corners and crosses, but Messi is not a big threat with aerial balls in the box.

In a final analysis, Messi dribbles better than Ronaldo, but Ronaldo’s goal-scoring prowess makes him the GOAT. The two players have won more awards than Messi, but it’s still difficult to distinguish which player has more skills. Messi is a better team player and has more skill and versatility than Ronaldo. With that said, the debate isn’t completely settled.

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Besides dribbling, Messi also has other important attributes that distinguish him from Ronaldo. His speed and strength are both important, but he dribbles with his hands slightly out. That is because Messi can make quick transitions and changes of direction without falling off his balance. This is the secret to his success. The key to his success is his ability to control the ball and keep it close while playing at high speed.

Ronaldo’s shorter height helps him dribble

While some players may think that their taller teammates have an advantage in the dribbling department, Cristiano Ronaldo’s shorter stature does not seem to affect his dribbling ability. In soccer, players must have an above-average vertical leap to score goals, and Cristiano is an expert in this department. Moreover, Ronaldo’s shorter height makes it easier for him to control the ball and dribble it effectively.

In his days at Manchester United, Ronaldo was considered a bit showboat. His dribbling stats showed a high rate of dribbling while playing for Manchester United. As he grew in stature in England, his dribbling percentage decreased. In fact, it decreased as he became more powerful. But it still remains a significant factor in his game.

Although Messi’s dribbling ability is impressive, it has its limits. His style is too predictable, which does not go down well in La Liga. Even Gareth Bale has struggled with it. So, despite having a shorter height than Ronaldo, Messi has a distinct advantage in this area. But, he may be losing the straight line 25 metre sprint due to his shorter height.

A short running stride helps footballers with lower centre of gravity. It makes it easier to anticipate changes in motion and accelerate quickly. Ronaldo, who is over 6′ tall, must make up for his shorter height. Messi, meanwhile, has the lower centre of gravity. But this advantage does not stop Messi from making ridiculous jumps. So, there is another way to measure the difference between Messi and Ronaldo’s shorter height: watch their dribbling.

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Ronaldo’s mentality

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are often compared, but what do these players have in common? These two players have very different mentalities and approach to the game, but they both possess exceptional physical abilities. In the case of Ronaldo, a higher level of motor skills free up cognitive capacity, while Messi is a more physical player. In the end, dribbling is all about having the right mindset.

While both players have incredible physical abilities, Ronaldo is better suited to today’s game. He combines dizzying pace with powerful shooting and jumps to rival the best NBA players. Furthermore, he is still performing at a high level even at thirty years of age. As a result, both players are excellent role models for young aspiring soccer players. Here are some of their similarities and differences.

Despite their different dribbling techniques, they have very similar dribbling skills. Messi, on the other hand, makes better use of his long arms to make his passes more accurately. While Messi may be better at dribbling, Ronaldo is better at shooting. The latter’s dribbling skills are more fluid. He has more power and is a better finisher.

Messi is a master of dribbling. He can thread the ball between three or more defenders, locate his teammates in tight spaces, and even attempt crazy passes. As a result, Messi’s dribbling skills far outweigh Ronaldo’s. The former is more of a playmaker, whereas the latter has a natural talent for finding free spaces to move and shoot.

While Ronaldo’s dribbling is better, Messi’s speed and mentality make him a better player. In a game of dribbling, a good player will score more goals than a bad player. If Messi can keep dribbling in check, he can become the best player in the world. However, a bad player can be the greatest on any team.

While Messi’s dribbling ability is undoubtedly better, he can also play the role of a teammate. Messi rarely loses the ball and embraces his role. While Ronaldo has done enough to be regarded in this region, he’s still far behind his counterpart. He also understands the importance of a strong team-player. Even if he beats an opponent, he needs to avoid being predictable.

Messi’s dribbling skills

Messi’s signature move is a stutter step. It is easy to miss, but it is incredibly effective against defenders. He takes a fake step in one direction, then dribbles the opposite way with his outside foot. Messi has been able to use this move so often, that it has been dubbed the “Messi-Step.”

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One big indicator of a world-class dribbler is the ability to maintain close control. Dribbling is a complex skill that requires intense pressure and good balance. In addition, Messi’s unpredictable style of play makes it more difficult for him to maintain control of the ball. A great dribbler must have both speed and endurance, which are essential to playing soccer. This is no easy feat.

Lionel Messi’s dribbling skills are arguably the best in the world. The Argentinian is one of the most skilled players in the game, and has become the linchpin of Barcelona’s attack since Ronaldinho left the club. His lightning-fast change of direction has won him many titles, including 8 La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions Leagues. Despite this, Messi’s dribbling skills have humiliated defenders throughout his career.

Another important skill for dribbling is good vision. It is essential for Messi’s dribbling skills to be perfected. To achieve this, practice dribbling for an hour a day. The more you practice, the better you will become. You should always have a ball at your fingertips, as it is important to be able to control the ball. When practicing, make sure to look up to the action and watch where the defender’s feet are. You can also try anticipating their movements and how to catch them when their legs are spread wide.

While dribbling is important for a striker, dribbling is crucial for a goal. Dribbling is important for both accuracy and power. The more accurate you are, the better you’ll be at defending the ball. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for Messi. So don’t miss the chance to learn how to control the ball and keep it in your body.

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