Will Barca Regret Not Signing Asensio?

Will Barca Regret Not Signing Asensio? image 0

Will Barcelona regret not signing Asensio? This is the question on everybody’s lips. After all, his contract is up in 2023 and Chelsea are interested in signing him. However, it’s not just Barcelona who are interested in Asensio – Real Madrid are also looking to sign Rodrygo. So, will Barcelona regret not signing Asensio? Only time will tell.

Asensio’s contract expires in 2023

Marco Asensio has been linked with several Premier League clubs, with Liverpool and Arsenal said to be keen on signing the Spain international. However, Asensio’s contract is up in the summer of 2023, and Real Madrid would like to keep him – although, it must be said that they have already offered him the same salary as he was earning last season and an additional 1.5 million euros in bonuses every year.

The 26-year-old has been in a relegation battle with Rodrygo this season, and has been limited to occasional appearances due to an ongoing knee injury. While he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past, he’s failed to sustain the form that was previously present. As a result, Carlo Ancelotti is putting his trust in the next generation for the season ahead. Takefusa Kubo and Rodrygo Goes are expected to make their Real Madrid debuts in the coming months.

Marco Asensio has repeatedly rebuffed Real Madrid’s attempt to extend his contract. Real have yet to respond to this report, but reports from Tomas Gonzalez-Martin suggest that the player is still in negotiations. Meanwhile, PSG have also been linked with Asensio. However, Real Madrid haven’t been responsive to reports of Asensio’s contract renewal. Hence, the two parties have plenty of time to negotiate and settle for the best possible deal for both parties.

Real Madrid and Leicester City have been in contact with each other over the past few weeks, as both clubs want Asensio to sign an extension. The Spaniard’s contract is up in 2023, and it is expected that Asensio’s future is in doubt. However, he does have an option to leave and join a top European club. It’s not clear if Real Madrid will make an offer or not, but it’s worth exploring.

Chelsea want to sign him

According to reports, Chelsea want to sign Real Madrid midfielder Marco Asensio. The Spanish international is wanted by several top sides and has been linked with a move to Stamford Bridge. However, as a midfielder, Asensio is more likely to suit Chelsea’s needs. This is the case because Chelsea have struggled to score goals this season and are in need of more options in attack. Despite this, Chelsea have managed to make Asensio relatively prolific, scoring seven goals this season despite limited opportunities. Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich have all been linked with Asensio this summer, and it looks like they are willing to spend a substantial amount of money on a striker.

Real Madrid have been a constant source of intrigue for Chelsea, and the Argentine has been linked with a move away from the Spanish capital in recent weeks. While Real Madrid are unable to make a deal with Chelsea, there is a possibility that Chelsea will try and sign Asensio anyway, as the player himself is keen to leave. Chelsea are prepared to part with Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner to bring Asensio to London.

Asensio is a more affordable option than Ousmane Dembele, and he is more versatile than Dembele. Besides being a more versatile attacker, Asensio is likely to be a better fit for the Chelsea midfield. This is because he can play in almost any forward position. The Blues also have the luxury of bringing in a new striker in the summer, and Asensio can work with this new striker.

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Real Madrid are considering a move for Rodrygo

There’s no definitive answer to the question of why Real Madrid are considering a move for Rodrigues. He’s been an influential figure in the club’s Champions League campaign and had a number of impressive displays, scoring against Manchester City and Chelsea in the knockout stages. However, despite this, he failed to cement a spot in the first team and has been linked with a move away from the Bernabeu.

A reported fee of EUR45 million and PS39 million could secure Rodrygo’s future. Compared to Vini Jr.’s 10 million-euro wages, Rodrygo would be a bargain at six million euros per season. And since he is a cult figure in Madrid, he would be a steal at six million euros a year. The player is a natural for Madrid’s attack and has the intelligence, versatility, technical skills, and work ethic to thrive at the club.

It would be surprising if Rodrygo left Real Madrid for a cheaper club, but his contract with Santos FC is now out for three years. The club wants to prepare for life without Asensio and are looking for ways to involve Rodrygo. The Brazilian has a proven record of scoring goals, and has shown a high level of clinical finisher compared to his teammates in the wide positions.

In the absence of a replacement for Mariano, Zidane has turned to the loan market to find a replacement for him. The Portuguese international has a contract until 2025, which means the Spanish giants can recoup the money before the end of the transfer window. The move could help the club secure a better position in the Champions League and the Premier League. And the club would be able to sign another top player while also strengthening its squad.

Barcelona bid EUR2.5 million

Despite being a young and highly talented winger, Asensio is already attracting attention from many clubs. In January, he was born on the island of Mallorca and named Marco after a famous Dutch player. His mother chose this name because she wanted to give the youngster a Dutch name. However, the Netherlands international was more famous in his home country, where he was known as Marco van Basten. At nine years old, he caught the attention of Barcelona football agent Horacio Gaggioli. The Italian crossed the island to watch the youngster play and subsequently made a bid for him.

The move to Barcelona was not unexpected – the Spanish club made EUR222M from the sale of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain, and are looking for a replacement. Asensio’s release clause is PS72 million (EUR79m), making a deal to sign him even more unlikely. But, despite his impressive form and proven track record, it is hard to believe that Barcelona would be willing to sell him so cheaply.

Mallorca bid EUR4.5 million for him

The Spanish giants have reportedly agreed to sign the 18-year-old on loan from Mallorca. The 18-year-old has made three goals and provided five assists for the Catalan club this season. He will remain at Mallorca until the end of the current campaign. Despite the high-profile transfer, the 18-year-old was widely expected to join Barca in the summer. Barcelona’s transfer ban may have been a factor, but the Spanish club had severe financial problems, so Real Madrid stepped in. The club has now signed a six-year contract with the youngster.

In order to make a deal, Asensio must be a free agent in 2023. PSG has been linked with the striker, offering him a salary of EUR6 million a year, which is significantly more than Real Madrid are willing to offer. Asensio would then be available for transfer for a fourth consecutive year. The move would be a major boost for the club’s finances, but it would also be a big blow for the Spanish capital.

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Asensio has already made his senior national team debut. He scored a hat-trick against Macedonia on his debut in the competition. Twelve days later, he was also called up to the national team along with goalkeeper Pau Lopez. At the U-21 European Championship in Poland, he scored a hat-trick against Macedonia. He helped Spain reach the final but lost to Germany 1-0.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have close boardroom relations, facilitating deals such as Dani Ceballos and Odegaard. But despite this, there are reports that there is tension between the two sides, with Asensio reportedly valued higher than Zinedine Zidane and returning boss Ancelotti. Asensio has nearly cleared up any doubts about his future at Real Madrid following a hat trick against Barcelona in midweek.

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