Role of a Portland Immigration Lawyer

Thousands of people immigrate from one country to another every single day. And while a lot of times this happens illegally, such illegal immigration is always a risk, where immigrants often get deported. In countries like the US, people may face difficulties even after immigrating. So, since maintaining your status as an immigrant is not an easy task, hiring an immigration lawyer can indeed be the wise thing to do, as there are several ways in which immigration lawyers can help you. 

  • Cases of deportation 

Dealing with deportation proceedings is among the most frightening experiences for immigrants. Whether it’s you or a loved one facing deportation, an immigration attorney can explore all legal options to help you remain in the United States. 

Those who enlist the services of Portland immigration lawyer are significantly more likely to succeed in staying in the country compared to those who do not seek legal representation.

  • Green-card application

Whether you’re seeking to obtain a green card or simply seeking clarification on your eligibility, an immigration lawyer can provide valuable assistance. Obtaining a green card can entail complexity, yet it proves highly beneficial. Your eligibility, as assessed by the US government, can influence the ease or difficulty of obtaining your green card, underscoring the importance of consulting with an immigration lawyer.

  • You’re in Need of Asylum

If you face the threat of physical harm or incarceration in your home country, you can pursue asylum in the United States. Yet, the paperwork and procedures can be bewildering and draining. A single oversight or error in your documentation could lead to a denial of your case and potential deportation. Engaging an immigration lawyer to guide you through this journey is crucial for navigating the process effectively.

  • Naturalization 
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Obtaining citizenship through naturalization in the United States is undeniably challenging. Regardless of your opinion on the citizenship acquisition process, it’s an unavoidable step. The journey involves numerous forms, applications, and eligibility criteria, making it easy to overlook a requirement or become perplexed. Regrettably, a minor error can lead to the denial of your case, resulting in the loss of the opportunity to gain citizenship.

Navigating through different immigration procedures come with complexities and risks. In such daunting circumstances, the guidance of an immigration lawyer proves invaluable. Their expertise can help immigrants overcome legal hurdles, ensuring a smoother path towards achieving their goals of residency and citizenship.

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